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Silky Styles….and smooth music

Listen to the beat, it’s a pre-listen of the brand new SchimJolie music track!

SchimJolie did a fabulous photosession at

Silkebekk Gård – S T R AI

And thanks to all the involved artists,

this fashion shoot turned out great with all those silky styles

The SchimJolie Silk Scarves used are:
Save Your Tears
Flower Feathers
Powder Pink Pearls
Purple Power
Love Is All Around
Honey Source

Links to the team of artists contributing:

Sebastian Johnsrud – Photographer

Marte Knutsen Haukeland – MakeUp Artist

Komponisten Frisør – Hair

Catharina Scheie – Vocal

Helena Bøhn – BA Music and Art Managment

Stein Roger Sordal – Musician

With silky smooth love we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts


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