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Silk Scarf

Silk Scarf

Silk Scarf from SchimJolie is so far from just another silk scarf as it can possibly get.

SchimJolie Silk Scarf design has become a symbol of value, integrity and a positive attitude. We didn’t know when we started the influence the silk would have in what we are about to create.

The silk scarves had soul from the very beginning, they were made out of passion and love – we call them shawls with soul.

But as we create and learn as we go, the silk scarf concept has grown further, and ahead of us. They are now leading a path to a greater good and they are guiding us to help save this planet.

It may sound owerwhelming, a bit ridicolous and navie, but either way if something can wake us up and get us into action it’s much better than sitting just wanting and hoping and doing nothing.

We want awareness around nature, food and the enviroment surrounding us. We want things to have value and meaning. We strongly distance us from mass prouduction overconsumption and the use and toss mentality.

We want quality over quantity, we want food to be real, we want chemical free food, we want every one to focus on less is more when it comes to everything, we love vintage and second hand, reuse and recycle.

We knew all this before, but we did not know how we could influence and inspire others before SchimJolie Silk Scarf told us.


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