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Silky Deal


Silky Deal

We include one OneLineTwoHeartsInfinityLove silk/wool design when you invest in a Ltd SchimJolie Silk Design.



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Silky Deal

If you want to invest in a SchimJolie Silk Design, NOW is the time!

You can choose the Ltd SchimJolie Silk Design you feel appeal the most to you and in addition you can also choose the OneLineTwoHeartsInfinityLove wool/silk design to match it without any extra cost.

If you want to order you write an email to describing your designs with the title they have in the webshop.

We call it a Silky Deal

Silky Summer Deal

“One of my greatest pleasures in life is to care and to make other people feel good about them selves and to make them smile.

I believe in human values, visuality and to live here and now.
I believe in quality over quantity and less is more. In my silk designs I transfer my love, my beliefs and good faith.
I handle them all the way from capture to treasure. My designs are symbols of awareness of life values and human ethics combined with elegance, attitude, integrity, character and style.

There is nothing more beautiful than stylish elegant intelligence.”

– Ingrid Himberg,

Photographer & designer, founder and owner of SchimJolie

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