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140 x 140 cm 100% Satin Silk 16mm

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save your tears schimjolie silk design dress styleSAVE YOUR TEARS

This incredible beautiful image is taken during our stay in Japan, Tokyo and it is a water drop on a tiny branch found in the amazing Rikugien Garden.
One of nature’s many visual gift to us and a reason to sometimes step out of the big picture and just look and focus on small and almost hidden beauty.
Too often we cry, maybe not with tears, but we whine and nag about things we don’t like.
Save Your Tears is about changing fokus and talking positive. If you don’t have anything good to say then keep quiet or make a change.
If you can’t change it, change your attitude.
Life is a journey – not a destination!

SchimJolie Silk Scarf  –  only 500 pieces avaliable – EVER
Size 140 x 140 cm

SchimJolie Limited Edition SAVE YOUR TEARS Silk Scarf is honest photography, as in not edited, printed on 100% silk 16mm, produced in Italy.
SchimJolie  Silk Scarf are limited edition prints.

They are individually numbered and signed by the designer, Ingrid Himberg, on a certificate of authenticity and beautifully packed in a nice gift box.
Look smart – wear a piece of art!

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