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140×140 cm 100% Satin SchimJolie Silk with an image design from Battery Park in New York City.

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Right In Front Of You

What you do in life echos in eternity

Right In Front Of You

This beautiful SchimJolie Silk Scarf Image is from New York City. It’s captured in Battery Park on our way from South Park to One World Trade Center.

Right In Front Of You is a fading flower with One World behind it. I think in life there are so many important and
beautiful things sitting right in front of you and sometimes you don’t relize until it’s too late, and they are gone. I want this silk scarf to make you aware and to think about what you do with your life, because what you do in life echos in eternity. Show kindness on your way, care about others. Give more than you get. And remember to give of your own precious time can be more
valuable to people in need than any material goods or items.

Time  is  free, but  it’s  priceless. You  can’t  own  it,  but  you  can  use  it,  you  can’t  keep  it,  but  you  can  spend  it.  Once  you’ve  lost  it,  you  can  never  get  it back.

With this in mind, go spend your time wisely.

Right In Front Of you

Life is a journey not a desination


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