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140 x 140 cm 100% Satin Silk 16mm

Piazza Del Duomo Silk Scarf

Piazza Del Duomo Silk Scarf

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Piazza Del Duomo_2PIAZZA DEL DUOMO

SchimJolie Silk Scarf  –  only 500 pieces avaliable – EVER
Size 140 x 140 cm
SchimJolie Limited Edition “Piazza Del Duomo” Silk Scarf is honest photography, as in not edited, printed on 100% silk 16mm, produced in Italy.
SchimJolie  Silk Scarf are limited edition prints.
They are individually numbered and signed by the designer, Ingrid Himberg, on a certificate of authenticity and beautifully packed in a nice gift box.
Look smart – wear a piece of art!
As you wrap up in your beautiful Silk Scarf, remember to always embrace life with gratitude and grace! All the images in the collection represent life experience and good faith.
«Piazza Del Duomo» is about how you by having an idea can make a plan, work hard and if you don’t give up your dream will come true.

100% pure Honest Photography printed on 100% pure High Quality Silk

Shawls with soul. SchimJolie silk scarves has integrity, meaning and mission. They are more than just another scarf!

Silk Scarves with soul and integrity, life and meaning. Not just another scarf!

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