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ONE STEP BACK Liberty Island


140×140 SchimJolie Silk Design ONE STEP BACK from Liberty Island, NYC

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One Step Back_SchimJolie Silk Design This beautiful SchimJolie silk design is from New York City.
It’s captured on Liberty Island under a big tree facing the unique skyline of the Big Apple.

I took one step back and framed Manhattan with branches. One Step Back is about how you in life sometimes need to step aside, back off or simply just take one step back to see the big picture, a better picture, a different picture in order to free your mind and get perspective.

I want you to try new things, see the same things in different light and from different angles. Learn from others. A wise person ask questions, seeks knowledge and sees more than one side. Go out, be curious, make mistakes, take one step back and step up again.

One  step  back  does  not  mean  you  are  defeated,
it  only  means  you’re  going  to  take  the  same  step  forward  again, but  this  time  wiser.

With this in mind, take one step back, move on and ahead with better views.

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