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140 x140 cm 100% Satin Silk with an image of  a view from Empire Stat Building in NYC

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Love The City

Love The CityStanding on top of the Empire State Building and looking out over Manhattan is an adventure it self. It’s an amazing view which this SchimJolie Silk Scarf Image is a proof of.

New York, New York, there is no place like New York City. Love The City.
I want Love The City to be about faith and hope for the future. Look at all these tall buildings and the L framing them. Look how they stand together. Imagine all people standing togehter, united, with the same hopes and values for all mankind. No religon, only same human rights and fair treatment of our fellow sister or brother. Let’s build this future with modern tools and knowledge. Let’s believe in what we can see and feel and what’s in the present.

“It’s being here and now that’s important. There is no past and there is no future.
Time is a very misleading thing. All there is ever, is here and now. We can gain experience from the past and we must work and hope for a better future, well knowing it can all end here and now with no explanation.”

With this in mind, start living here and now,
stop fighting and rather work and hope for a happy modern future for all.

Love The City
Life is a journey not a desination

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