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Gold Digger


140x140cm 55% Silk 45% Wool 100% Love

Gold Digger_OneLineTwoHeartsInfinityLove_SchimJolie_square


Gold Digger

“You are never too old to set a new goal”

Gold Digger_OneLineTwoHeartsInfinityLove_SchimJolie_bed


“This is the symbol of true love. We are so happy to have transferred our love onto this exceptional soft and delicious piece 140x 140 cm made out of 55% Silk 45% wool and 100%LOVE! OneLineTwoHeartsInfinityLove is so warm, loving and comfortable. Wrap up in this love-scarf and we welcome you to take part in a world made out of passion, love and art”


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A LifeStyle Concept


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