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Defender Scarf Asphalt


Made out of 50% Wool 50% Cashmere 100% Defender

Defender Scarf Asphalt is this the coolest scarf you can own.

Size: 30 cm x 200 cm x 10 cm fringe

Color: Asphalt


Defender Scarf Asphalt

defender schimjolie wool cashmere


We are so happy to announce and to present this luxerious scarf piece and to tell you that it’s a tribute to our beloved car, Schimbo, a Land RoverDefender.

Inspired by Schimbo’s attitude and style we wanted to make a scarf with his charisma and integrity to it.

Defender Scarf Asphalt” is about expressing your self and to belong somewhere.

If you know the car, Land Rover Defender, you also know that it’s a car with soul, like no other car. It’s a legend.

When Defender drivers meet, they greet!

No matter if you know each other or not. World wide.

And it’s like with our scarves, we like them to have integrity and style.

When you meet a stranger in a SchimJolie design you will atomatically connect and know you belong some how.

You are special, know something that is privilliged to the scarves with soul owners. And it makes you feel special. We want to make you feel special. And we do.

Tempted to join in?

Style up and defend your neck and throath at the same time in an exclusive “Defender Scarf Aspalt” by ordering yours here


Defender is also a part of the Hanging Tough Story

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