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140×140 SchimJolie Silk Design CURVE YOUR VIEWS from NYC

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Curve Your Views

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Curve Your Views from Upper New York Bay. Cruising from Liberty Island into the dock of Battery Park I capture this image. It’s composed with the railing of the cruise liner in front and the unmistakable NYC skyline behind.

If you one day sit there feeling powerless, overwhelmed or even envious by others success, wealth, health and seeming happiness, remember that you are the only person who can change that, and it’s time to curve your views.

Accept what you can not change, change what you can not accept, accept your self and respect your self and your choices. You can not change people, but you can change your reaction and how you view them. Try to admire more, love more, forgive, forget, mind your own business and move on with your life the way you choose.

Avoid your lifeline to be a horizontal curve. Curve your views has a purpose is to inspire you to do new things, do old things differently, re-view, climb, fall, get up again and conquer your worries and fears above all.

Worry is like a rocking chair. It will give you something to do, but it will not get you anywhere.

Move on with style, confidence and intelligent elegance in SchimJolie silk design Curve Your Views. Be sure of something. Be sure of your self.

– Life is a journey not a destination –

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