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SchimJolie travelling in France


SchimJolie, the name, what does it mean?

It’s very simple. The founders sir names are Scheie & Himberg and if you put them together you have ScHim and Jolie is just beautiful in french.

SchimJolie was born on the 31.desember 2012.

We moved to France in August the same year. We wanted to make a life change. And heading for France seemed like a good idea at the moment. We have an appartment in Antibes on the French riviera so we planned to stay there for the next year.

Our plan was to be on THE spot if a good real estate came on the marked. We wanted to invest in a place and build an oasis for tourists.

But long story short, things did not work out and when we were back in Norway, christmas holiday 2012, we were pretty devestated and did not know what to do!

We decided to create a brand, in order to have a name related to all our ideas.  We decided to called her SchimJolie.

When SchimJolie was born, some pieces fell into place, and the famous ball started to roll.

And it’s still rolling and it will keep rolling. Becauce what we have gotten into now, is so much more than what we could ever imagine. SchimJolie has become much bigger than our selves.

The SchimJolie Silk Scarf has become a term within fashion and farming. We want awareness and value around nature and how we must protect our earth by waking up and we want to say it softly with our silk.


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