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Prima Prime Minister

Prima Prime Minister carrying Ltd SchimJolie Silk Design STANDING TALL (click the picture to read the Standing Tall story)

On my way to a business meeting at KKG, a High School in my home town Kristiansand, I landed in the finishing of a low profiled convention with our Prime Minister, Erna Solberg

I had no idea of this, but as I was meeting with a teacher, to show her my concept and precious silk designs, to find a way we could work together with her students in order to help each other, I was equipped to my teeth with my designs! 

And standing there looking at Erna Solberg, she was wearing an outfit totally matching the design I had packed with me to show my appointment…

I was thinking quick, and though it’s not my style to throw my designs on profiled people, just because they are famous, that’s my policy… but this was different, this was an opportunity out of nowhere, so totally!

And as it happens I like Erna and her political views! The coincidence and the circumstances were just perfect, and her dress was the signal to GO, so I decided to grab my chance! 

So guess what? Erna accepted my gift and she is now a new proud, first Prime Minister owner of Ltd SchimJolie Silk Design STANDING TALL. 

It felt good to give her the design: and that’s what my concept is all about! It’s a feel good brand, representing values like good attitude, integrity, respect for each other, kindness, fairness, awareness and quality over quantity. 

I call the style intelligent elegance, because my clients, or investors as I like to call my precious silk customers, are all above average intelligent and understand the value I’m creating and they understand the importance of the fundamental message my designs are carrying: less is more, have values, don’t be ignorant, life is a journey – travel elegant, light and in style!

BON VOYAGE, Prima Prime Minister!

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