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The OneLineRingDesign is a result of the symbol designed and used in the OneLineTwoHeartsInfinityLove SchimJolie Silk/Wool Shawl.

We thought the symbol is so beautiful and so meaningful that it needs to be worn and used in more ways.

The onelineringdesign jewelry range will also include earrings, braclet and necklace with the same symbol of love used in different cominations.

This symbol is the ultimat definition of true love. The two hearts and the infinity 8 drawn in one line – can it get more symbolic?

And also when you look at the symbol you can see an angel, a lucky clover, a beutiful flower, but what it is, is onelinetwoheartsinfinitylove, OneLineRingDesign

Do you want to preorder?

925 Silver with Fresh Water Pearl, Preorder Price NOK 1000

“Love yourself and be loved. Remember to give love, give more love than you get, and give it without expecting anything in return. Always knowing that at some point you will have it back one way or the other. Try to see other forms of love, like waking up to a new morning, alive to see yet another sun set. Live, laugh, LOVE. Smile to a stranger. Look people in their eyes and say hello. Be happy for all the things that went good and don’t think about the worst case senario that did not happen! Let the onelineringdesign be a reminder and a token of love and gratitude to yourself or to someone else you care about!” -IHx

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Honey Source Ring in Shield_SchimJolie_1280 Ring in Shield_SchimJolie_1280_2 Ring in Shield_SchimJolie_1280_3

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