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October Issue of British Vogue

October Issue British Vogue

October Issue of British Vogue

We are delighted to be featured in the beautiful October Issue of British Vogue. The glossy, trend setting magazine is covered with the very gorgeous and talented Sienna Miller.

The main colour used is red, and as you know, we like red. And if you look close on SchimJolie there is a red thread running through our entire concept.

There is a meaning and a thought behind every little detail. One can litturally say there is a red silk thread running through, and nothing is done by chance.

We are very delighted to discover that enlightened people all over the world starts to notice us.
Go and get your October Issue of British Vogue and be inspired during the week-end!

Visit our webshop to see more SchimJolie Silk Scarf Designs.

We wish you a fabulous Saturday!

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