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Limited edition – founders note.

The SchimJolie©ArtScarf continues to be magic for us and our growing circle of family, friends and fans.

We want to preserve the value of these pieces of art. It captures a snapshot of a time and place, printed on beautiful, high quality silk, therefore we will only make a limited edition of each piece.

Our main purpose for anyone who get a SchimJolie©ArtScarf is that the garment and the design makes them feel unique and special and hopefully remind them about us and our encouragement to ALWAYS embrace the good life has to offer with love and gratitude.

Normally the edition will be 500 per design and an accompanying certificate will state the exact number of the #artscarf as well as the total number of #artscarf of that particular design. We know that 500 pieces worldwide makes it an extremely limited edition for an item of clothing, and even if this policy puts us under more pressure to create new designs, we prefer to do it this way, as this fulfill our intention of making you feel special when you wear it.

Each SchimJolie©-ArtScarf will have a certificate with unique number entered by a SchimJolie controller, to ensure we only produce the limited edition.

We will even create a collectors section on our website where you can find sold out editions and maybe even trade in your numbered SchimJolie©-ArtScarf  for another or trade with a friend.

Ltd #artscarf "Yellow Summertime" from SchimJolie

Ltd #artscarf “Yellow Summertime” from SchimJoli

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