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OneLineTwoHeartsInfinityLoveFall in Love

Fall in OneLineTwoHeartsInfinityLove

What is it about fall?

This wonderful time of year when we can harvest the fruits of the seeds we sowed.

And the leaves first go into a spectacular firework for weeks, then fall down and leave them selves on the ground before they all naturally transform into new nutritious soil.

Soil we can use to grow what ever we like when spring comes again next year.

Fall is a word suggesting that things are coming down.

Maybe that’s why it also rain so much this time of year? To keep the soil nice and moist so the decay process can do it’s job.

Maybe we are coming down with love this fall?

In order to reap the fruits you have to grow the seeds

Maybe you can grow a love seed this fall and reap instantly?

It’s easy to grow love with onelinetwoheartsinfinitylove.

This fall the shawls with soul come in 5 different lovable colors and they all have their own little virtual message woven in the soft and silky smooth wool/silk/love quality expressed on the owners certificate.

Check it out

Come and see us at the largest exhibition within art, craft and design in Oslo this weekend 14th and 15th of November.

Wish you all a nice week!
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