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Dream Team

Dream Team


Our own stylist and photographer, Silky8, was assigned by Eva Marit Edwardsen jewelry design to help the well renomed artist to capture, among more, her latest collection inspired from her trip to Japan last year.
And with international supermodel Siri Tollerød already on board, who’s career is over 13 years in the spotlight, modeling and cat walking for the biggest brands and houses in the cosmetic and fashion industry, this could not be anything but promising and exiting!

On their first meeting in The Silk Saloon where Silky8 has her showroom it came clear that they had so much in common and they decided to do a collaboration instead of just plain work!

When cre8tive minds with different and special skills comes together they make a dream team.

And where there is good energy, pure joy and sincere intentions for only lifting each other, have fun, learn and get new experience, this is what happens.

dream team

Preparing the jewelry for the photo shoot.

Dream Team

Be a Flower in Life from Silky8’s own brand Silky8.

dream team

On The Set!

dresm team

Silky8 and Leica M8 are ready to preform.

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