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We are so happy to inform you that the money raised during The SchimJolie Silk Shawl Festival this summer, NOK 7625, has now been donated to The Hospital Clowns

The money, transferred today, are earmarked ‘Charity Clowns’ at the local hospital, childrens ward, Kristiansand.

Our plan was to donate the money to an individual person who has been unfortunate and ended up in a life changing situation due to an undeserved accident. The money should support treatment more expencive than this person would get from social health care or private economy, in order to get well. Luckily there were no such cases.

The reason for this choice is our 17 year old son Tomas. He was born with a heart failure and have had 3 serious operations during his first 2,5 years. He has been a regular patient at the local children ward in Kristiansand. He had his last check up and routine control as a child at Rikshospitelt in Oslo this August.

He is now an adult. From next year he will attend the adult ward in the Norwegian capital city.

During our stay we saw the Hospital Clowns, Charity Clowns as I have titled this blog post, spreading so much joy to the smaller hospitalized children.

We hope the clowns will continue their amazing work and make children happy and put smiles on their faces despite of their conditions.

Seeing children sick or in any way harmed, is heart breaking and SchimJolie will continue the good work and support local children.

If you want to donat money to SchimJolie Charity please use this account number: 94801154276 mark the money Charity Clowns.

Wish you all a wonderful Thursday!

Silky Love from Ingrid

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