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Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself first of all!

But also, find something you can believe in outside yourself!

I mean it does not have to be a God or something unearthly!

Let it be a colour you like, an animal that fascinates you, a lucky number, an alphabetic letter, a car! The point is to focus and be aware of this special thing you choose to believe in!

Smile from the heart and be grateful when ever you see the color, number, animal, bird, pattern, a beautiful door, a baby, a child, an old person, what ever you focus on and make this a heartfelt and true smile for yourself!

It will make you feel good to have something that makes you smile just because you have chosen this small way to have some secret happiness during your day!

I’m smiling every time I see the number 8 and right now I’m flying KLM and I’m seated on 8A and smiling all the way! The lady next to me must think I’m crazy or drunk, but I’m not, I’m just so happy to be able to smile out of such a simple thing!

It really amuses me! My little 8 secret! She is on 8B which is actually a better seat number, number wise, because the B is a the alphabets 8….

But KLM knows that I need the window seat and my view!

Do you recognize the places from my window?

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