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 About SchimJolieCroisette walkAbout Schimjolie©…it’s all about awareness and value and passion for life

We have a passion!

We have a passion for life and a passion for art. And last, but far from least, we have a sincere passion for pure nature and all natural life.

We want to tell you about this passion and show you a way of life, where we take care of each other and the nature surrounding us!

It’s all about natures gifts. We have to take care of nature and stop ignoring the fact and the consequences of our use and toss mentality.

We have to start all over again and learn how nature works and be aware of how we act. How our actions affects the environment.

It’s a about awareness and value.

And it all starts with the person in the mirror.

If you go with the flow and think your just a drop in the ocean and that your action will not matter, well you are all about being wrong!

Our goal is to wake up and shake up the average person, the person who wants to act, but have no idea where to start.

And with that in mind, our beautiful SchimJolie Silk Scarves has become a symbol and a reminder about how you can take part and stand up for your choice.

Owning a SchimJolie is a statement against mass production and stuff with no value and a proof of your awareness and about how quality over quantity always is right investment choice.




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